Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wireless Networks

We’ve recently been discussing research topics related to wireless networks. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the problems and challenges associated with wireless mesh networks or ad hoc networks. I think wireless technologies are the future of communications. As an increasing number of nations around the world become connected to the vast entity that is the internet I believe that wireless communications will be the most efficient and cheap means of connecting small and remote places. Obviously the speeds that can be achieved in wireless networks as they stand right now pale in comparison to wired networks, but technology is always changing and smart people are always producing new and better ideas to improve communication.

What’s interesting to me (I heard this in class) is that in technologically emerging countries (like those in Africa), people don’t own computers, they own mobile devices like the iPhone. Many wireless network providers are starting to roll out higher speed wireless networks like 4G and LTE. Mobile sales have sky rocketed over the last year. In addition to mobile phones, tablets are starting to become popular, again thanks to Apple. The writing is on the wall, connectivity will be defined by how mobile it is.

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